Treatment, Complication and Nursing Management of Measles

Definition of Measles Disease:

Measles is a highly infectious disease of childhood caused by measles virus. It is characterized by fever, catarrhal symptoms of the upper respiratory tract followed by typical rash.

Measles disease
Fig: Measles disease

An acute highly infectious disease of childhood caused by a specific virus of the group myxoviruses which is clinically characterized by fever and catarrhal symptoms of the upper respiratory tract (coryza, cough) followed by a typical rash.

How to Prevent or Prevention of Measles Disease From Bangladesh?

1. Active immunization:

  • Vaccine: Live attenuated measles vaccine usually given in association with mumps and rubella vaccine as MMR” vaccine.
  • Age: At the age of 9 month
  • Dose: 0.5 cc/0.5 ml
  • Site: At deltoid region
  • Route: IM/Sc

2. Passive immunization:

  1. Human immunoglobulin 0.25 ml/kg of body weight is effective, if given within 3 –4 days of exposure. Passive immunization of children on admission to hospital gives complete protection, which is immediate.
  2. It is used for the prevention or attenuation of measles in contacts under 18 months of age and for non-immune debilitated children, especially those with malignant disease.
  3. Dose:
  • 250 gm for children under 1 year old,
  • 500 gm for 1-2 years old,
  • 750 gm over 3 years.

Complication of Measles Disease:

1. Most common complication:

2. More serious complication:

  • Febrile convulsions,
  • Encephalitis,
  • Sub-acute sclerosing pan-encephalitis (SSPE),
  • Multiple sclerosis.

3. Rare complication:

  • Severe weight loss,
  • Purpura,
  • Keratitis,
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • Appendicitis,
  • Kwashiorkor,
  • Corneal ulceration.

Nursing Management of Measles Disease:

Goad nursing care and supportive measures promote the outcome. They include:

  • Isolation,
  • Rest,
  • Calm and quiet environment,
  • Dim-light,
  • Good nourishing diet,
  • Adequate amount of fluid,
  • Oral hygiene,
  • General cleanliness,
  • Meticulous skin care and daily bath,
  • Tepid sponge to reduce fever,
  • Cleaning nasal and mouth secretions,
  • Eye care,
  • Careful observation for features of complication.

Early detection and management of complications should be done promptly to prevent poor prognosis.

Controlling Measures of Measles Disease:

The below measures should be taken to control measles-

  1. Isolation: All’ patients should be isolated for 10 days from the appearance of the rash.
  2. Bed rest until patient becomes a febrile.
  3. Immunization of contacts within 2 days of exposure
  4. Supportive treatment:

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