What are the Purposes of Antenatal Care

What is Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care is the clinical assessment of mother and fetus during pregnancy. It traditionally involves several routine visits approximately 12-16 for assessment of pregnant women before and during pregnancy.

Antenatal care served by the nurse
Antenatal care served by the nurse

The objective of antenatal care is to ensure the supervision of maternal and fetal well-being during pregnancy, identify and treat conditions that may threaten the health of the fetus/ newborn and mother. Also making available all appropriate choices to fulfill optimal potential, and providing all necessary support and preparation for a high-quality life after birth. Another objective of antenatal-care is to help women approach pregnancy and birth as positive experiences.

The objective of Antenatal Care:

Antenatal-care refers to the care of pregnant women. The main objectives of antenatal-care are:

  1. Maintenance of health of the mother during pregnancy.
  2. Promote physical, mental, and social well being of mother and child.
  3. Ensure delivery of a full-term healthy baby.
  4. Early detection of high-risk cases and minimize risks by taking appropriate management.
  5. Prevent the development of complications through health education, adequate nutrition, exercise, vitamin intake, and appropriate medical and pharmaceutical intervention.
  6. Screening for conditions and diseases such as anemia, STIs, HIV infection, mental health problems, and domestic violence.
  7. Teach the mother about child care, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene.
  8. Decrease maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.
  9. Remove the stress and worries of the mother regarding the delivery process.
  10. Provide safe delivery for mother and educate mother about the physiology of pregnancy and labor by demonstrations, charts, and diagrams so that fear is removed and physiology improved.
  11. Advice family planning and motive the couple about the need for family planning.
  12. Predict possible problems during pregnancy and provide appropriate treatment.
  13. Provide information on pregnancy and birth and discuss with the couple about the place, time, and mode of the delivery provisionally and care of the newborn.
  14. Ensure continued medical surveillance and prophylaxis.
  15. Advice the mother about breastfeeding, postnatal care, and immunization.
  16. Advice and support to the woman and her family for developing healthy home behaviors.

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