Developmental Milestones of a Child at Birth and 3 Months

Definition of Baby Developmental Milestones:

Developmental milestones are behaviors or physical skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop. Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are all considered as developmental milestone. These are the parameters of different age of children, which gives an idea about the average estimate of the time when the child can be expected to have certain skills. Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range.

Developmental milestones of a child at birth and 3 months
Fig: Developmental milestones of a child at birth and 3 months

Developmental Milestones of a Child at Birth:

Developmental Milestones of a Child at Birth

Gross motora) Prone: Lies in flexed attitude. Turns head from side to side, head lags on ventral suspension Social behavior.

b)      Supine: generally flexed and a little stiff.

c)       Reflex: All the reflexes are active e.g. moro reflex, grasp reflex etc.


May fix face or light in line of vision.


Visual preference for human face.


Startled by sudden noises, stiffens, quivers,
blinks, screw up eyes.


Developmental Milestones of a Child at 1-1.5 Months:

Developmental Milestones of a Child at 1-1.5 Months

Gross motor

  • When check touched at corner of mouth turns to same side in attempt to suck finger.
  • In ventral suspension, head in line with body and hips semi extended.
  • Held standing oh hard surface, presses down feet, straightens body and usually makes a forward reflex walking movement.

Fine motor

  • May retain object for a few moments.

Cognitive function

  • Watches the human face when she talks to him.


  • Turns head and eyes towards diffuse light source.
  • Watches mother nearby face when she feeds or talks to him with increasingly alert facial expression (from about three weeks).


  • Startled by sudden noises and may cry.


  • Small throaty sounds.

Social behavior

  • Sleeps most of the time when not being fed or handled.
  • Responsive vocalizations at about five to six weeks.
  • Social smile (4-6 weeks).

Developmental Milestones of a Child at 3 Months:

Developmental Milestones of a
Child at 3 Months

Gross motor

  • When pulled to sit little or no head lag.
  • In ventral suspension, head held well above line of body; hips and
    shoulders extended.

Fine motor

  • Watches movements of own hands before face and engages in finger play.
  • Holds rattle for few moments when placed in hand, may move towards face.

Cognitive function

  • Smiles when spoken to but vocalizes with pleasure.
  • Inspects own hand.


  • Can follow moving object one side to another side (180 degree).


  • Definite quieting of smiling to sound of mother’s voice before she
    touches him.
  • May turn eyes and or head towards sound source (try to explore).


  • Coos and vocalizes reciprocally.
  • Whimpers, squalls, chuckles, gurgles at back of throat.

Social behavior

  • Fixes eyes unblinkingly on mothers face when feeding.
  • Beginning to react to familiar situations, showing by smiles coos and excited movements when the baby recognizes preparation for baths etc.


  • Can show behavioral expression according to specific emotion.

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