Endocarditis Disease with Causes, Treatment and Nursing Intervention

Definition of Endocarditis Disease:

Endocarditis disease is an inflammation of the inner lining of the heart chambers and heart valves (Endocardium).

Endocarditis disease
Endocarditis disease

Causes of Endocarditis Disease or Endocarditis Causes:

There are different causes of endocarditis, which are mentioned below:

  1. Infection (Bacterial, fungal, Viral),
  2. History of endocarditis,
  3. Implanted heart device such as a pacemaker, Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator),
  4. Central venous catheter,
  5. Congenital heart defect,
  6. Hypertension,
  7. Abnormal or damaged heart valves,
  8. Artificial heart valve,
  9. Certain dental procedures,
  10. Contaminated needles used to inject the illegal drug,
  11. Rheumatic fever,
  12. Immune suppression,
  13. Prolonged I/V antibiotic therapy.

Sign and Symptoms of Endocarditis Disease or Endocarditis Symptoms:

Various sign and symptoms of endocarditis are the following:

  1. Flue like symptoms such as fever chills, sweating at night,
  2. Fatigue, weakness, and muscles ache,
  3. Shortness of breath,
  4. Persistent cough,
  5. Weight loss,
  6. Blood in urine,
  7. Petechiae (tiny red spots on the skin, eye, and inside of mouth),
  8. Bleeding under the nails,
  9. Red, painless skin spots on the palms and soles,
  10. Swelling of feet and legs,
  11. Tenderness in the spleen.

Test and Diagnosis for Endocarditis Disease:

There are different diagnosis types for endothermic, which are in the below:

  1. Medical history and physical exam (Heart murmur, enlarged spleen, Bleeding under nails),
  2. Blood culture, CBC, CRP,
  3. ECG,
  4. Echocardiography,
  5. Chest X-Ray,
  6. CT scan or MRI of the chest.

Treatment for Endocarditis Disease:

Various treatments for Endocarditis are mentioned below:

  1. Antibiotics,
  2. Antipyretics,
  3. Surgery (Repair or replacement of a heart valve).

Complications of Endocarditis Disease or Endocarditis Complications:

There are different complications of endocarditis, those are in the below:

  1. Heart failure,
  2. Abbess in the heart/brain,
  3. Spread infection to lung, brain, kidney, liver,
  4. Stroke,
  5. Heart rhythm problems.

Nursing Interventions for Endocarditis Disease:

Various nursing intervention for endocarditis are mentioned below:

  1. Monitor vital signs hourly if Patient condition unstable.
  2. Monitor central venous pressure if the central line present.
  3. Monitor intake output hourly.
  4. Monitor weight daily.
  5. Assess neurological status hourly.
  6. Keep skin warm and regularly monitor nails for color and capillary refill.
  7. Provide O2 supplement and keep saturation ˃90%.
  8. Ensure a calm and quiet environment with adequate rest.
  9. Draw blood for cultures to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.
  10. Administer antibiotics and antipyretic timely as indicated.
  11. Monitor the patient’s renal status including blood urea nitrogen levels, creatinine clearance levels, and urine output.
  12. Carefully monitoring signs and symptoms of complications and report it such as cerebral vascular complications, and valve stenosis or regurgitation.
  13. Provide psychological support and reduce anxiety.
  14. Prepare Patient for surgery if indicated such as valve replacement.
  15. After surgery monitor Patient temperature, fever may be present for weeks.
  16. Provide education teaching needs antibiotics after dental procedures, childbirth, genitourinary, GI, or gynecologic procedures.
  17. If the patient received surgical treatment, provide post-surgical care and instruction.
  18. After surgery, monitor the patient’s temperature; a fever may be present for weeks.
  19. Instruct patient and family about activity restrictions, medications, and signs and symptoms of infection.
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