List of Government Nursing Institute and College in Bangladesh

Importance of Learning Nursing:

Nursing is an honorable profession. Also, nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system. They are the most trusted healthcare professionals. They are with patients throughout the continuum of life. Nurses are teachers, advocates, caregivers, critical thinkers, innovators, expert clinicians, scientists, healers, health translators, communicators, guides, and family supporters. They do so much more than care for individuals. Their presence 24/7 has transformed lives. A lot of skilled nurses are coming out today from several nursing colleges and institute not only in Bangladesh but also from all corners of the world.

Fig: Rajshahi nursing college, Bangladesh
Fig: Rajshahi nursing college, Bangladesh

It is known to all that, Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton are the pioneers of nursing. Currently, nurses represent one of the largest groups of healthcare workers in the world. There are many different reasons why people choose to become a nurse, making the wide-ranging profession one of the most lucratively attractive, gratifying careers in today’s society. As one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world, there is a greater need in the nation (and across the world) to hire nurses than any other healthcare worker in the industry. As its importance, I have presented here a list of government nursing institute and colleges in this article.

Government Nursing Institute in Bangladesh (Diploma):

  1. Midford Nursing Institute, Mitford Hospital, Dhaka- 80 Seats,
  2. Nursing Institute, Comilla-80 Seats,
  3. Nursing Institute, Faridpur-80 Seats,
  4. Nursing Institute, Khulna-80 Seats,
  5. Nursing Institute, Dinajpur-80 Seats,
  6. Nursing Institute, Bogra-80 Seats,
  7. Nursing Institute, Tangail-80 Seats,
  8. Nursing Institute, Pabna-80 Seats,
  9. Nursing Institute, Rangamati-80 Seats,
  10. Nursing Institute, Noakhali-80 Seats,
  11. Nursing Institute, Jessore-80 Seats,
  12. Nursing Institute, Kushtia-80 Seats,
  13. Nursing Institute, Potuakhali-80 Seats,
  14. Nursing Institute, Sirajgonj-50 Seats,
  15. Nursing Institute, Munshigonj-50 Seats,
  16. Nursing Institute, Rajbari-50 Seats,
  17. Nursing Institute, Netrokona-50 Seats,
  18. Nursing Institute, Sherpur-50 Seats,
  19. Nursing Institute, Chapai Nowabgonj-50 Seats,
  20. Nursing Institute, Joypurhat-50 Seats,
  21. Nursing Institute, Thakurgaon-50 Seats,
  22. Nursing Institute, Kurigram-50 Seats,
  23. Nursing Institute, Cox’s Baza-50 Seats,
  24. Nursing Institute, Feni-50 Seats,
  25. Nursing Institute, B Baria-50 Seats,
  26. Nursing Institute, Moulavibazar-50 Seats,
  27. Nursing Institute, Bagerhat-50 Seats,
  28. Nursing Institute, Magura-50 Seats,
  29. Nursing Institute, Chuadanga-50 Seats,
  30. Nursing Institute, Satkhira-50 Seats,
  31. Nursing Institute, Bhola-50 Seats,
  32. Nursing Institute, Gopalgonj-50 Seats,
  33. Nursing Institute, Madaripur-50 Seats,
  34. Nursing Institute, Pirojpur-50 Seats,
  35. Nursing Institute, Naogaon-50 Seats,
  36. Nursing Institute, Nilphamari-50 Seats,
  37. Nursing Institute, Barguna-50 Seats,
  38. Nursing Institute, Panchagar-50 Seats,
  39. Nursing Institute, Jamalpur-50 Seats,
  40. Nursing Institute, Chandpur-50 Seats,
  41. Nursing Institute, Jhinaidah-50 Seats,
  42. Nursing Institute, Hobigonj-50 Seats,
  43. Nursing Institute, Kishoregonj-50 Seats.

Government Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh (Basic B.Sc):

  1. Dhaka Nursing College, Dhaka-100 Seats,
  2. Mymensingh Ng. College, Mymensingh-100 Seats,
  3. Rajshahi Nursing College, Rajshahi-100 Seats,
  4. Chittagong Nursing College, Chittagong-100 Seats,
  5. Rangpur Nursing College, Rangpur-100 Seats,
  6. Barisal Nursing College, Barisal-100 Seats,
  7. Sylhet Nursing College, Sylhet-100 Seats.

Government Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh (Post Basic B.Sc):

  1. College of Nursing, Mohakhali, Dhaka-125 Seats,
  2. College of Nursing, Fauzderhat, Chittagong-125 Seats,
  3. College of Nursing, Bogra-125 Seats,
  4. College of Nursing, Khulna-125 Seats.

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    1. Two different courses. You have to choose which you want to be from the two. To get your answer just search in google by writing “Difference between midwifery and nursing”. You will get it.

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