How to Find a Workmans Comp Doctor?

Workers Comp Doctor:

Almost 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses happened in 2018. Those numbers are for the private industry only, as injuries in government jobs are reported differently. Some injuries were minor and required no time off from work. But a little over 900,000 of them required the injured worker to miss at least one day of work. Of those, more than 300,000 resulted in a visit to a medical facility. That means a lot of workers needed workman’s comp doctors. The process of finding one will vary depending on your state and employer. Keep reading for the basics of finding such a doctor.

Workers comp doctor
Fig: Workers comp doctor

Finding Workers Compensation Doctors Near Me:

Stock clerks and material movers are some of the groups more likely to be injured at work. But it can happen to anyone in any job. For instance, you might trip and sprain an ankle while on the way to check the fax machine. In many states, your employers will have a list of in-network providers on hand. They may be part of a preferred provider organization (PPO) or managed care organization.

In some states, you can be required to see a specific. doctor for your first medical visit after the injury. This is usually known as a company doctor. You may also get to choose the doctor you see first. However, keep in mind that your regular physician may not be a work comp doctor, at least not for your workplace.

That sounds complicated because it is. You already know that health insurance billing can be a mess. It gets even messier in the case of a workplace injury. Some medical offices either can’t or won’t deal with the additional paperwork. But regardless of if you choose your own doctor or pick one from a list your employer gives you, make sure to say, “I’m here to get treatment for an injury at work.”

If the injury is critical, you can seek emergency care from anyone. If a large pallet falls on you and crushes your leg, get to the emergency room.

Changing Workmans Comp Doctors:

If you’re not happy with the doctor chosen for you, can you switch? You can in most cases. It’s possible to go to your employer and say, “I’ve looked for workers comp doctors near me, and I think this one here would be a better match.” They can’t deny you the right to switch.

However, keep in mind that switching means more paperwork must get filled out. It’s worth it if you think you aren’t being treated properly.

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