Duties and Responsibilities of a Nurse in Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC)

Definition of Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC):

Emergency obstetric care (EOC) is a care given to a pregnant mother and to her baby during pregnancy, labour and postnatal period in any health institution. EOC is the life-saving obstetric service to the pregnant woman which can be given any part of health system or health infrastructure.

Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC)
Fig: Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC)

EOC means care of a woman during her emergency need most related to pregnancy and its outcome. It is a life-saving management. The objective of EOC is to serve the services to the pregnant women at the time of her emergency need.

Role of Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC) in Reducing Maternal Mortality in Our Country:

By the below ways Emergency obstetric care (EOC) can help in reducing maternal death in our country:

  • Early assessment of complications,
  • Proper diagnosis of labour and early intervention,
  • Delivery by skilled persons,
  • Quick referral system,
  • Administration of obstetric first aids,
  • Essential minor operative procedure is done,
  • Continuous monitoring of the maternal condition.

Components of Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC):

1. Obstetric first aid:

In community level-

  • Perinatal antibiotics,
  • Anticonvulsants,
  • Utero-tonic drugs.

2. Basic EOC:

In Upazilla health complex-

  • Obstetric first aid,
  • Assisted vaginal delivery,
  • Manual removal of placenta.

3. Comprehensive EOC:

  • Obstetric first aid,
  • Basic EOC,
  • 24 hours arrangement of LUCS,
  • Laparotomy,
  • Anesthesia,
  • Blood transfusion.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse in Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC):

The Nurse / Nurse Midwife are one of the key members of the EOC team. At the District hospital this team comprises Consultant (Obs & Gynae), RMO, MO, Anesthet ist, Blood Transfusion Officer, and Nurses & BT Technician. The THC EOC team comprises THFPO, MO, MOMCH, and Nurses. FWY & Lab Technician. Through a concerted effort of all members the team will strive to attain and maintain the prescribed functions of the facility-Comprehensive EOC at the District hospital level and Basic EOC at the THC and district level MCWC.

As a member of the EOC team the Nurse or Nurse Midwives working in district hospital, THC or MCWC will perform following technical and managerial functions:

Technical Functions of Nurse or Nurse Midwife:

All the technical functions of a nurse or nurse midwife have presented in the below:

  • Monitor progress of labour and conduct normal delivery.
  • Assist doctor in conducting assisted vaginal delivery.
  • Provide nursing care to the mother and newborn of normal delivery cases.
  • Monitor status of obstetric and neonatal complications cases.
  • Conduct and or assist doctor in conducting neonatal resuscitation.
  • Provide nursing care to common obstetric and neonatal complications.
  • Carry out pre and post-operative management of obstetric emergency cases. Prepare trolley for surgery related to EOC.
  • Assist surgeons during operation.
  • Administer parenteral drugs & fluids as per doctor’s order.
  • Perform aseptic dressing.
  • Operate Oxygen cylinder.
  • Operate sucker machine (electrical / manual).
  • Sterilize equipment & linen as per standard procedure.
  • Create community awareness through counseling of patients and relatives.

Managerial Functions of Nurse or Nurse Midwife:

All the managerial functions of a nurse or nurse midwife have listed in the following:

  • Organize and manage Labour Room, Eclampsia Room and Operation Theater with necessary equipment’s-and materials.
  • Indent for supplies and maintain records.
  • Management of drugs & equipment.
  • Record keeping and reporting.
  • Guiding and supporting ancillary staffs (Aye, Ward boy, Sweeper and attendants of the patients.

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