List of Community Health Problems in Bangladesh

Community Health Problems List in Bangladesh

What is Community?

“Community” term mentions to a collection of people who interlude with one another and whose common characteristics or interests form the basis for a sense of belonging or unity. The community can be a society of people holding common rights and privileges as a citizen of a town, sharing common interests as a community of fanners or living under the same rules and regulations.

What is Community Health?

It is one of the major fields of study within the medical and clinical sciences that focuses on the maintenance, protection, and improvement of the health status of population groups and the communities as opposed to the health of lone or individual patients. Community health is defined as meeting collective needs by identifying problems and managing interactions within the community and larger society.

Community health problems in Bangladesh
Fig: Community health problems in Bangladesh

Characteristics of Community Health:

There are some key characteristics of community health which are listed below:

  1. Community health covers all the aspects of public health, social medicine, and preventive medicine.
  2. It is a major field of study.
  3. It focuses on meeting collective needs by identifying problems.
  4. It focuses on curative, preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative services.
  5. It focuses to promote the physical and social well-being of the people.
  6. It’s a purpose for the improvement of the health status of population groups and communities.
  7. Essential community participation present.

Common Community Health Problems in Bangladesh:

There are so many health Bangladesh faced by the community people of Bangladesh. Those are listed below:

Common Health Problems in Rural Area:

It includes-

  1. Worm infestation,
  2. Malnutrition,
  3. Acute respiratory infections (ARIs),
  4. Kala-azar,
  5. Anemia,
  6. Leprosy,
  7. Skin infections,
  8. Diarrhea,
  9. Tuberculosis,
  10. Malaria.
Common Health Problems in Urban Area:

It includes-

  • Air pollution,
  • Hypertension,
  • Dengue fever,
  • Drug addiction,
  • Heart disease,
  • Cancer,
  • Sound pollution,
  • Diabetes,
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Communicable Diseases:
It includes-

  1. Tuberculosis,
  2. Malaria,
  3. Warm infestation,
  4. Enteric fever,
  5. Diarrheal disease,
  6. Hepatitis,
  7. Dysentery,
  8. Acute respiratory infections (ARIs).

Non-communicable Diseases:
It includes-

  • Medical and surgical problems,
  • Nutritional problems:
  • Nutritional anemia,
  • Low birth weight,
  • Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM),
  • Xerophthalmia (Nutritional blindness).

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