7 Signs You May Have Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is very common in men, particularly older men. It rarely causes any symptoms in the early stages, so it can go unnoticed for several years. By the time the man does begin experiencing symptoms, cancer may have grown beyond the prostate and into nearby tissues. Once this happens, it can make treatment harder, although compared to other types of cancer, prostate cancer has a very high recovery rate.

Prostate cancer
Fig: Prostate cancer

It’s important to be aware of prostate cancer symptoms, so you can be vigilant for anything that doesn’t feel quite right. Instead of ascribing your symptoms to ‘old age’, visit a urologist in Orlando, such as CFUA. They will give you a thorough checkup and run some tests. If cancer is detected, treatment will start immediately, so you have the best possible chance of recovery.

Sign and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer:

Here are the main symptoms to watch out for.

1. Peeing More at Night:

Lots of people need to use the bathroom at night, but getting up several times in the night is a sign something is wrong.

2. Being Unable to Pee:

An enlarged prostate gland can exert pressure on the urethra, which prevents a man from passing urine normally. You may still be able to pee, but it might take a lot longer than normal. If you find you can’t pee at all, treat it as a matter of great urgency, and visit the ER as soon as possible.

3. Blood in Urine:

You may spot some blood in your urine if your prostate is enlarged. Blood in the urine is not necessarily caused by prostate cancer, but it does need checking out urgently.

4. Erectile Dysfunction:

Problems achieving and sustaining an erection are quite common as men grow older, and not necessarily something to be concerned about (unless it is affecting your relationship), but when taken in conjunction with other symptoms on this list, it is a good idea to mention it to your doctor.

Symptoms of Advanced Prostate Cancer:

The biggest danger of prostate cancer is that it might not be detected until cancer has spread. The following symptoms indicate cancer has spread to nearby tissues and organs.

1. Bone Pain:

Back pain and pain in the hips indicate cancer has spread to your bones. You may also experience pain in your chest if cancer has spread to your ribs.

2. A Loss of Bladder and Bowel Function:

If cancer has grown large enough, it may press on the spinal cord, which will be causing a loss of function in the bowel and bladder. You may also experience numbness in your legs or feet.

3. Excessive Tiredness and Unexplained Weight Loss:

Later stage cancer usually causes a person to feel abnormally tired. You may also notice that you have lost weight, with no real explanation for the weight loss.

Speak to your doctor as soon as possible if you spot any of these signs. 

Try not to worry if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The 5-year survival rate for men with prostate cancer is 90%, which is excellent. You are in safe hands!

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