Psychological Changes in Pregnancy for Each Trimester

What Physiological Changes Occur During Pregnancy in Each Trimester?

What Do You Mean by Pregnancy?

In medical science, pregnancy also known as gestation means the time period during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. Multiple pregnancies entangle more than one offspring such as with twins. Pregnancy can happen through sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology.
Psychological changes in pregnancy for each trimester
Fig: Psychological changes in pregnancy for each trimester

Psychological Changes During Pregnancy by Trimester:

There are common psychological changes that occur during pregnancy which is presented in the following:

Psychological Changes during the First Trimester of Pregnancy:
It includes-
  • Extreme fatigue or morning sickness,
  • Many women feel moody (as with premenstrual syndrome),
  • It is common to feel anxious or happy about a new pregnancy,
  • Feel upset if the pregnancy was not planned.
Psychological Changes during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy:

It includes-

  • Fatigue,
  • Morning sickness and moodiness,
  • Feel more forgetful and disorganized than before,
  • Feel lots of emotions about things like the way look or feeling the baby move.
Psychological Changes during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

It includes-

  • Still, feel forgetful,
  • When the due date nears, it is common to feel more anxious about childbirth,
  • Worry about how a new baby will change a life,
  • As feel more tired and uncomfortable,
  • More irritable than before.
Other Changes:
It includes-
  • Serious anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Trouble sleeping.

Hematological Disorders in Pregnancy:

Some hematological changes occur during pregnancy which is presented below:

1. Blood volume: 
It includes-
  • Blood volume is markedly raised during pregnancy which starts to increase from the 6th weeks,
  • Vascularity of the uterus also increased.
2. RBC & Hemoglobin:
It includes-
  • RBC volume is increased to 20-30%. The total increase in volume is 350ml,
  • Reticulocyte count increases 20%,
  • Erythropoietin level is increased.

3. White blood cells:
Neutrophilic leukocytosis: 10000-15000mm3 and even up to 20000 during labor.

4. Plasma volume:
Total plasma volume increases to the extent of 1.25 liter a7 greater in multiple pregnancies, multigravida, and the large baby.

5. Total protein:
Total plasma protein increases from the normal 180gm (non-pregnant) to 230gm at term.

6. Blood coagulation factor:
Increases fibrinogen level.

7. High ESR,

8. Other changes:
It includes-

  • Changes in hair and nail texture,
  • Leg cramps.
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