Qualities of a Pediatric Nurse | Goals of Pediatric Nurse | Functions of Pediatric Nurse

Who is a Pediatric Nurse?

A pediatric nurse may be defined as the nurses who specialize in pediatrics devote their knowledge and skills to serve to care for the children from infancy through the late teen years and their families.
Pediatric Nurse
Fig: Pediatric Nurse
Skills and Qualities of a Paediatric Nurse:
A paediatric nurse should have all desirable and preferable qualities of a professional nurse. More than those a professional nurse should possess the below qualities to be a pediatric nurse:
  1. She should have patience, a pleasant appearance, and the ability to understand the child’s behavior.
  2. She should be a loving person and have a to like for the children.
  3. She should be friendly, honest, gentle, diligent, and humorous.
  4. She should be well-informed, skillful, responsible, truthful, and trustworthy.
  5. She should be able to maintain good interpersonal relationships and provide safety and security to the children.
  6. She should have good observation, judgment, and communication ability based on scientific knowledge and experience.
Goals of Pediatric Nursing or Pediatric Nurse:
There are some major objects or goals of a paediatric nurse which are mentioned below:
  1. To serve intelligent, skilled, need-based comprehensive care to the children in health and sickness.
  2. To promote the growth and development of children towards the optimum state of health for functioning at the peak of their capacity in the future.
  3. To interpret the basic need of the children to their parents and family members and to guide them about child care.
  4. To prevent disease and alleviate suffering in children.

Functions of a Pediatric Nurse:

Some important duties or functions of a paediatric nurse have pointed out in the following:

  1. Maintain privacy and confidentiality in nurse and child relationships.
  2. Identify changes in a child’s signs and symptoms and intervene in emergent situations.
  3. Serve as a child advocate.
  4. Explore the circumstance to narrate pathophysiological problems and detect status changes.
  5. Evaluate a child for various signs and symptoms of abuse.
  6. Provide supportive care to dying children.
  7. Participate in activities to manage a child’s pain.
  8. Differentiate between normal and abnormal physical findings.
  9. Administer medication using age-appropriate guidelines.
  10. Determine a child’s needs related to pain management.

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