Strengthening Lower Back: 8 Best Workouts That Can Help You

Lower back pain is becoming one of the biggest issues for the fitness industry. Most of us are facing this issue either due to bad uncontrolled stretching or bad sitting posture. To further add insult to the injury, we are making it worse by becoming lazy and unorganized. With poor diet, losing bone density, and weight gain issues, we are leading ourselves towards a slow death. We all can admit that one of the major issues that we are unable to work out daily is lower back pain. Usually, lower back pain is common in people above 35 and especially in women after menopause because of the lower bone density that takes place due to low calcium absorption by the bones. To sum it all up, we can see that most of us are gaining weight because we are unable to resolve our issue and we can say that this lower back pain is quite literally killing us.

Strengthening lower back pain
Fig: Strengthening lower back pain

If you want to relieve your lower back pain, you need to regain the elasticity and flexibility that will help you move. This also means that you will be able to lift weight easily and your exercise posture will be accurate that will eventually help you in speeding up the results process. There are so many different exercises that can help you relieve pain but there is a high chance that it can go wrong without following proper moves. This is the reason you need someone to guide you through the process and help you in understanding a few of the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.  

The Dos and Don’ts of Lower Back Strengthening Exercises:

According to a recent study, almost two-thirds of the US population is reporting lower back pain in one form or the other. Some have lifestyle issues others are dealing with medical challenges at the moment. No matter what your issue might be, there is always a solution. To address this issue further American Physical Therapy Association has elaborated that most pains are due to day-to-day life stresses which include long working hours, bad sitting posture, or not taking a break while working. To sort things out, we want you to know how you can help yourself in the process, which is the reason we have listed a few changes that you can incorporate in your life and these changes will help you further with the workout.

Don’t Get To the Lazy Style:

We know that lower back pain has a very stabbing effect, it is continuous and it can cause major issues in the long run. Most people will tell you that it doesn’t work out when your pain is vulnerable and this is true but if you go on bed rest, this will become a long-term issue. You can take the rest of a day or two but after that, you can only make yourself lazy and lethargic. Try simple walking and perform daily work, however, fix your posture every time you feel pain or abnormality in your posture.

Stretch Out:

Pain can get to your nerves and most people feel frustrated but in this case, we would suggest you stretch your body a little. You don’t have to take a lot of time, just a few minutes in the morning will be enough for this.

Stretch out
Fig: Stretch out

Know the Reason:

If you are feeling pain there can be multiple reasons starting from the medical issue, hormonal issue, physical injury or bad sitting posture, etc. it is better to go visit a doctor and see what kind of pain you are facing because this will eventually help you decide what kind of back pain you are dealing with.

Don’t Strain Yourself:

We know that back pain can get worse if we stretch too much so try to know your limitations. If you are already facing some kind of back pain, try to resolve the cause first and then exercise. Most people like to jump to conclusions and even strain their lower backs even further. Try to avoid doing it, if you feel pain or you think your bones are giving up, don’t try to exercise. You can rest and apply hold and cold press according to the situation.

Sit Properly:

Most of us work on laptops and use phones throughout the day. This has caused us a major posture issue. The first thing that you need to do is just stand with your back pressed against the wall. Now move your shoulders till you feel both ends touching the wall. Keep standing there and move away from the wall and start walking. Try this at least two to three times a day and this will help you maintain a good enough posture.

10 Exercises That Can Help You Avoid Lower Back Pain:

Just as we have discussed already, you need to give your body enough time to heal. Once you feel better, you can start training that will eventually help you in gaining enough flexibility that no matter what you do, your body will be able to endure the shock. We have seen this happening especially in the case of weight lifting because in most cases, lifting a box or any heavy furniture can cause serious back pain. Some of the exercises that are going to help you with the process have been mentioned in this article. 

Warm-Up Sessions:

Time Recommended: 5 minutes
Distribution time: 30 seconds for each exercise
When recommended: every time you start an exercise

Before starting the exercises, you need to have a simple warm-up session. Within the warm-up session, try to add stretching exercises as much as you can. Apart from this, try dynamic stretching exercises because these will eventually help you. Avoiding static stretching is important because your body is in a cold state and this might make you vulnerable.


Time Recommended: 3 minutes
Distribution time: 30 seconds hold time
Total Reps: 6

Bridges exercise
Fig: Bridges exercise

Bridges is a yoga pose that you can perform and hold for more than three minutes if you want to strengthen your back. This yoga pose will help you lift your lower back without any support, while your head is on the ground. Try lying flat on the ground and bend your knees. Now you can touch your hands to your feet and lift your lower back. You need to keep your shoulders on the ground otherwise, your neck might have to bear all the weight. This is a very good exercise for the lower back as well as your shoulder and abdomen muscles.

Hug Your Knee:

Time Recommended: 2 minutes
Distribution time: 30 seconds hold time
Total Reps: 4

Hug your knee exercise
Fig: Hug your knee exercise

This is another stretching pose that is used in yoga. You need to lay flat on the ground and fold your knees. Now bring your knee closer to your chest because this will help you stretch your knee and lower back. First, you can do this with both knees at a time and then you need to bring one knee at a time because this will help you stretch more easily and you feel better as well. You can perform this pose at least three to four times a day.

Body Rotation:

Time Recommended: 2 minutes
Distribution time: try to hold as long as you can but the minimum time must be 30 seconds hold time
Total Reps: 4

Body rotation exercise
Fig: Body rotation exercise

You must be familiar with the famous Russian twist exercises that are good for the abs. this exercise is almost the same but this time you need to move your body as compared to just your arms. Lay flat on the ground and bend your knee. Once you have bent your knee, now you can move it to the left side. Keep one thing in mind, you need to keep the rest of your body strength, only move your knee. You can keep switching between left and right and complete it at least five times.

Side Leg Lifts:

Time Recommended: 2 minutes
Distribution time: 10 seconds hold time for each side
Total Reps: 12

Side leg lifts exercise
Fig: Side leg lifts exercise

We have all seen the scissor lifts or leg lifts where you lie down on the yoga mat and try to lift your legs. This is a great exercise for abs but the side leg or lateral leg lifts are completely different. You need to lie on your side and support your head and neck with the help of one hand, now keep the other hand on the side rather than keeping it on the ground for support. Start lifting your legs without taking support from the arms or hands. You need to change posture and switch sides after five minutes so that it is even on both sides.

Table Top Posture:

Time Recommended: max 1 minutes
Distribution time: hold for as long as possible
Total Reps: no reps

Table top posture
Fig: Table top posture

This is one of the best postures that you will find for your back strength. You just need to lift your body while taking support from your arms and legs. Your weight needs to be evenly distributed otherwise you might strain your muscles. Another important thing is that your overall blood flow will get better as well, your brain will get better oxygen and your eyesight will improve as well. For better results, try to hold that posture for at least five to six minutes.

Superman Fly:

Time Recommended: 30 minutes
Distribution time: 30 seconds hold time
Total Reps: 1

Superman fly exercise
Fig: Superman fly exercise

We all love superheroes and every superhero has a superpower as well. When we talk about superman there is one thing that makes a superman different from the rest and that is the way he flies. You just need to mimic the superman flying posture as you lay flat on the ground. You need to lift your head and feet while your body touches the ground. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening the back muscles.

Pelvic Floor:

Time Recommended: 2 minutes
Distribution time: 30 seconds hold time
Total Reps: 4

Pelvic floor exercises
Fig: Pelvic floor exercises

The pelvic floor is a great exercise for abs and legs; however, most people ignore that it is a great exercise for the lower body and especially the back. All you need to do is just take support from a medical ball or a chair and lift your abs after every few minutes. This might get a little challenging at first but this is a great exercise for strengthening the lower body muscles.

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