10 Fresh Nursing and Midwifery Essay Topics 2019

Latest Nursing Essay Topics:

Nursing is a noble career path because it involves taking care of people in their weakest moments. As a college student, you’re going to get assignments that require you to discuss different topics.

To write an impressive nursing essay, you have to make sure you conduct extensive research. But even before that, you have to have a topic to discuss. Most of the time, the assignment instructions will include a topic you need to discuss.

Nursing essay topic list 2019
Fig: Nursing essay topic list 2019

Other times, you have to come up with a suitable topic to discuss. In such instances, the professor has to approve your topic to ensure you don’t discuss the same topic as another student in your class.

Essay writing is commonplace in college. Anyone who wants to pursue higher education has to be ready to write more essays than they can count. If essay writing is not your forte, you have to come up with a strategy that helps you get work done.

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1. Burn Out is a Serious Issue in the Nursing Profession:

Every professional experience a period of burn out because work is bound to overwhelm you at some point. As a nurse, you have to keep reminding yourself that you’re a human who needs breaks now and then.

Since nurses work for long hours at a time, they need to take enough time to focus on themselves and recharge. Reporting for work when you’re burnt out causes frustration and easy irritability. You’ll end up treating patients in the manner you didn’t think you’re capable of.

2. Strategies that Ensure Nurses have Control Over their Mental and Emotional Health:

As a nurse, there is no injury or illness you’ll not encounter. Watching people go through so much pain can negatively impact your emotional and mental health. You need to find a way of keeping your emotional and mental state in check.

3. How to Ensure You Don’t Contract Infectious Illnesses as a Nurse?

As aforementioned, there is no injury or illness; you’ll not come across as a nurse. After all, all patients come to the hospital for help. You need to find effective ways to protect yourself from infectious illnesses.

When you’re working, make sure you’re protected at all times. Getting infected is quite easy, especially when an illness is airborne.

4. What are the Benefits and Risks of Water Birth?

The midwifery field has advanced so much over the years. Waterbirth actually dates back to the 18Th century, but not many mothers opt for it. Like any other method of birth, water birth has its benefits and risks.

5. Does Exercise Improve a Person’s Mental Health?

Today people take mental health seriously because they can see the damage it can do to an individual. There is enough evidence that shows exercise has a positive impact on mental health.

Even though exercise involves exerting pressure on your body, activity helps in the release of the happy hormone in the brain.

6. How to Ensure an Elderly Patient is Eating?

Elderly patients need special care because they’re not as energetic as they used to be. As a nurse, you have to find ways to ensure the elderly patients you’re responsible for are eating. Many don’t want to be fed because it makes them feel helpless. Find ways to facilitate their eating without bruising their ego.

7. How Women Can Treat and Prevent Acne?

Even though both men and women experience skin acne, it’s prevalent in women. Women with sensitive skin have to find skincare routines that agree with their skin. Before using a new product on your skin, you have to try it out on a small area to see if you’ll badly react to it.

People should make a habit of consulting healthcare professionals in matters of skincare. Even though the skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s the most ignored.

8. What are the Ethical Issues Emerging in Pain Management?

Even though there is a limit to how much painkillers a human body can take without the risk of dependence, there are situations where the pain is so much that the patient in question begs for more pain killers.

As a nurse, you have to keep an eye out for the emerging ethical issues in the field of pain management.

9. What Alters the Milk Content of a Lactating Mother?

Breastfeeding mums should realize that what they eat determines the content of the milk. Nurses should help lactating mothers figure out how to control the content of their milk.

 10. How to tell that an Elderly Patient is Being Abused?

Many caregivers end up abusing their elderly patients without even knowing it. As a nurse, you should be in a position to identify abused elderly patients.


There you have it, ten amazing nursing essay topics you can write on.

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