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Urgent or prompt health care clinics have been a critical network of the medical industry nowadays, and they are considered unsung heroes. The era where hospitals are congested with COVID-19 patients and emergency rooms are full of people who need respirators has started. A lot of patients can’t get the help that they need because of the threat of the pandemic.

Prompt health care in Grovetown
Fig: Prompt health care in Grovetown

The ability to treat various sprains, strains, and provide STD testing is something that many patients need in these times of uncertainties. Many centers have evolved in Georgia ever since they started their operation, and they are now as efficient as they have been in the 1970s.

A Brief History of the Clinics:

The first clinics of this type opened in the United States in 1970. It was founded by doctors and physicians who allow walk-ins of patients to treat aches, flu, cold, and other minor issues.

Since their openings, they have rapidly expanded to several locations in the US. The doctors can recommend physicals for you, digital x-rays, and STD testing. You can get prompt care in Grovetown, GA, and you can be treated for burns, cuts, rashes, and splints. The most common diagnosis and treatments made in these facilities are illnesses involving the upper respiratory systems and repairs of wounds.

Many centers are expected to grow more in the next few years in the health industry. Their cost-effectiveness, insurance coverage, timely care, and quick responses to issues are very valuable during these times of the pandemic. According to a survey, about 3 million people see doctors at prompt care centers all around the USA, and this is expected to become more.

Things to Know About Urgent or Prompt Health Care Facilities:

  1. About80% of the patients wait for only 15 minutes and even less for treatments. The average waiting time in emergency rooms is often almost an hour.
  2. Over 35% of the cases can be resolved faster and cost-effectively in urgent care facilities. Patients can get same-day treatments and go home feeling much better afterward.
  3. A visit can be about 50% less expensive, and many insurance policies can cover it. On the other hand, a trip to the ER may go up to a thousand dollars for just four stitches on their chins.
  4. A visit can be completed in under an hour, and the patient can go home with the doctor’s prescriptions, diagnosis, and test results.
  5. If you are worried about the specialists in the clinic, you shouldn’t anymore. Many of them were owned by licensed doctors.
  6. Many are opened 24/7 to serve patients in Grovetown, GA. People who can’t see a doctor during normal business hours can still get the medical care that they need.
  7. Some of the most common reasons people visit these facilities are colds, flu, coughs, and strep throat.

Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Many have included strategies to continue their operations and implemented safety protocols in place. These strategies may include the following:

COVID-19 pandemic
Fig: COVID-19 pandemic
  • Staff are screened for their temperature before and after the shifts
  • Everyone is required to wear personal protective equipment at all times
  • Patients are required to wear masks to reduce COVID-19 transmissions
  • Enhanced decontamination processes and cleaning to all the facilities
  • Separation of patients with COVID-19 symptoms from asymptomatic people
  • The utilization of telehealth services, reduce patients, and staff infections

Taking Care of Minor Problems:

Many problems at school, home, and work are easy to cure when they are still small. This is true for your overall health, as well.

When it comes to minor illnesses, it can be easier to spot and treat them when they are still in their first stages. There will be a quick evaluation and treatment that can save your life. If they are not treated accordingly, they can become involved in a long-term health issue, and it can be expensive to seek medical interventions for them later on.

You should be alert if there are changes to your health and ensure that you are getting medical care that fits your needs. If you need physicals for a job or join a camp, these clinics are still open to serve you. You can also call them first before visiting to make sure that you’ll get the treatment that you need in the fastest time possible.

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