How Accurate Is Vicks Forehead Thermometer?

Vicks thermometers are great revolutionaries that give fast and precise temperature measurements. Unlike other temperature measuring instruments, Vicks forehead thermometer provides readings within three seconds. Its colored LCD enables readers to take temperature readings at a glance.

Vicks forehead thermometer
Fig: Vicks forehead thermometer

Temperature readings in these thermometers are displayed in three colors; red, yellow, and green. Green signifies there is no fever, yellow when temperatures are slightly high, and red means high fever. But how accurate is Vicks forehead thermometer? This article has all details about the Vicks forehead thermometer.

How Accurate is Vicks Forehead Thermometer?

Before we learn about the accuracy of Vicks forehead thermometer, a reader must understand how it works. For this, you can read Vicks forehead thermometer reviews.

Vicks thermometers use the infrared energy the skin emits to give a temperature reading of the body. The lenses collect the energy and convert it to provide temperature measurement. A scan above the eyebrow and surrounding tissues give an accurate temperature value. These thermometers are clinically proven safe for use for people of all ages. But how accurate is Vicks forehead thermometer?

When discussing temperature measuring, accuracy is among the essential aspects we should not forget. Vicks thermometers are clinically proved not only safe for use but also accurate. However, accuracy is achieved when employed per the manufacturer manual. 

Vicks thermometers offer accuracy levels of (+/-0.2oC). The accuracy they provide falls within the range of 32.2oC – 42.8oC. The manufacturer designed the thermometer with a unique probe assembly and a more sophisticated infrared sensor. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a clear calibration process to ensure users get reliable readings all through.

Vicks forehead thermometers
Fig: Vicks forehead thermometers

Before you use the Vicks thermometer, ensure you get rid of any hair. You should also wipe off sweat and any makeup traces. Once you are ready, press the on/off button to activate your thermometer. It will make a beep sound that notifies users that the thermometer is ready to take a reading. Take the probe and fix it to its respective place and scan through the forehead. After taking the reading, the thermometer will release a long beep sound, typically within three seconds. Record the temperature value displayed on the LCD indicated with a backlight color.

How to TroubleShoot Vicks Thermometer for Accurate and Precise results?

Vicks forehead thermometer emerges as one of the fastest temperature measuring gadget. Besides its large LCD to take readings at a glance, you can read temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. Moreover, there is an automatic shut-off that helps to save the battery for long term usage. Besides, the probe covers and storage case gives it maximum protection from damage. 

Since Vicks forehead thermometers are waterproof, they are washable to maintain them clean. When used to take a temperature reading, they make a beep sound signifying they have completed taking temperature. They are indeed new revolutionaries in the market worth investing in. 

Using these thermometers is simple. However, there are things you should learn about them if you need accurate readings. Learning how to troubleshoot the Vicks thermometers is the best way to maintain them smoothly to give accurate results. Let’s read through the troubleshooting process below. 

Start by turning on your thermometer and keep an eye on the display. If everything is set successful, a beep sound will be heard. However, if this isn’t heard, then possibly a problem might have developed with it. An alternate thing for the beep sound is a flash of red, green, or yellow color. If none is seen or heard, the batteries would probably be depleted. When batteries are completely dead, typically, you will see a small Vicks icon on display. 

Turn to the battery casing and use a coin to open it. Remove old depleted batteries and fix new ones. Tighten the case well and try turning it on. The thermometer should work now as expected. 

After completing the task, it is time to determine normal temperatures depending on where you will use the thermometer. The normal temperatures when using it orally lies between 97 and 100 degrees F. However, the rectal temperature normal is higher by a degree, whereas those under the arm are lower.

In case you lack an idea of what should be your normal temperature, there is a simple method to determine it. Record your temperature at different times and find their average. The resultant value you obtain is the normal temperature. If you deem for accurate results, there are things you should adhere to at least 15 minutes before taking temperature. Among them is avoiding eating, showering, smoking, taking drinks or any liquid, and showering.

If the thermometer reads Lo or L, then you should retake your temperature. When it displays such letters, the thermometer hasn’t read your temperature or is ready. The letters can also signify the reading is below 90 degrees F.

In this case, you will check whether the thermometer is correctly positioned. If you are taking temperatures under the arm, ensure the probe touches the skin under your arm. Moreover, ensure you position the thermometer straight and lower the arm sideways. If you need to read your tongue temperature, get the probe under it, and ensure you close the mouth. When using a Vicks thermometer, ensure you wait until it releases a beep sound. This indicates it has completed taking a temperature reading. 

However, you might get through all the steps at times, but still, the thermometer doesn’t work. If this happens, then you have no otherwise but to return it to the seller and use them for a replacement. However, the warranty works if you have always used it properly, and the problem didn’t arise due to misuse. Once returned, manufacturers usually repair the unit and get it back in a good condition.  


So, how accurate is Vicks forehead thermometer? Vicks thermometers are ideal temperature measuring gadgets for both young and adults. They are clinically proven not only safe but precise also devices to measure temperature. However, for you to get consistent accuracy, there is a need to use them as per their manual. Gets accurate and precise temperature reading consistently using the Vicks thermometers.

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