Traps Workout: Exercises, Anatomy and Training Features

The trapezius muscle is a flat triangular muscle that is located outside and down from the neck, and down the center of the back between the shoulder blades. The stronger the trapezium bulges on the sides of the neck, the more powerful and spectacular the athlete’s body will look. The traps workout targeting traps is necessary for the symmetrical development of the upper body.

Traps Workout
Fig: Traps Workout

This muscle is involved in retention exercises, such as gymnastic exercises. Also, the trapezoid plays an important role in the dynamic and static stabilization of the upper limb in the raised position, which is important in gymnastics, weightlifting, figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, throwing, and interpretive disciplines. 

Traps Workout: Trapezius Anatomy And Functions

The anatomical theory divides the trapezius muscle into three main sections:

  • Upper part,
  • Middle part,
  • Bottom part.

The trapezius muscle (lat. Musculus trapezius) is a flat, wide muscle that occupies a superficial position in the back of the neck and the upper back. The trapezoid has the shape of a triangle, the base facing the spinal column, and the apex – to the acromion of the scapula. The trapezius muscles of both sides of the back together have the shape of a trapezoid. This muscle brings the scapula closer to the spinal column, contracting with all the bundles, raises the scapula, contracting with the upper bundles, and lowers, contracting with the lower ones.

Features Trapezius Exercises:

You can train traps both after training delts, and on a separate day, for deeper work. To have a well-developed trapezoid, you need to pay attention to training both the upper, middle, and lower parts separately.

Trap Exercises: Features, Proper Form

Here are the best exercises for training your trapezius muscles. All exercises with a description and photo demonstrating the technique of execution.

Best Trap Exercises: Dumbbell Shrug

Shrugs – an exercise in bodybuilding aimed at the development of the upper bundles of trapezius muscles, strength, and mass of the upper back, as well as strengthening the upper spine.

Upright Row To Target Lower Trapezius:

Upright rows are a shoulder exercise. This is a basic exercise in bodybuilding for training shoulders (mainly the middle head). The trapezius muscles get an extra load in this exercise.

Back Workout For Mass: Seated Low Row For:

The low row is an exercise in bodybuilding rightfully considered one of the best for building the back. If you want to know more about different supplements and drugs for bodybuilding you can visit website where you can find the biggest catalog worldwide.

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