Goal of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)

Immunization Program: 

An expanded program on immunization (EPI) is one of the world health organization programs, which has a goal to make vaccines available to all the children through-out the world. EPI has been delivered the immunization services to the targeted children of below one-year-old and pregnant women. The main objective of EPI in Bangladesh is to reduce and eliminate infant and maternal mortality rates against the most common vaccine-preventable disease.

Expanded program on immunization
Expanded program on immunization

Definition of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI):

An expanded program on immunization (EPI) is one kind of evidence based tool for controlling and even eradicating infectious diseases. It protects against childhood communicable diseases, which can result in death and severe debilitation.

The goal of EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization):  

The goal of EPI is to universal access to all relevant vaccines for all targeted groups including older children, adolescents, and adult pregnant women peoples to control disease and achieve better health for all. The major objectives include:

  1. To reduce the mortality and morbidity among the children against the most common vaccine-preventable disease, i.e. measles, tuberculosis, pertussis, poliomyelitis, and diphtheria.
  2. To reduce maternal mortality.
  3. To immunize all infants/ children against the most common vaccine-preventable disease.
  4. To eliminate measles infection.
  5. To eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.
  6. To prevent extrapulmonary tuberculosis among children.
  7. To coverage at least 80% in all townships and 95% nationally.
  8. To eradicate poliomyelitis and reduce disability from poliomyelitis.
  9. To improve the economic well-being of society.
  10. To help health both mother and child.
  11. Control of rubella syndrome.
  12. To get vaccination coverage targets in every district and community.
  13. To introduce new vaccines and technologies.

Target Group for Immunization:

Various target groups for EPI have pointed out the below:

  1. All children under 1 year of age for DPT, BCG, OPV, and Measles vaccination.
  2. Other children who have not fully immunized.
  3. Every pregnant for T.T vaccination.
  4. All other women who are of childbearing age (15- 49 years) and have not been immunized previously against tetanus.

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