Nursing Care for Meningitis Infected Patient 

What is Meningitis Disease?

It is an inflammation of the meninges. The meninges are the three membranes that cover the spinal cord and brain. It may occur while fluid surrounding the meninges becomes infected. The most common reasons for meningitis are bacterial and viral infections.

Meningitis infected patient
Fig: Meningitis infected patient

There are also some other causes such as cancer, chemical irritation, fungi, drug allergies. It should be noted here that some bacterial and viral meningitis are contagious. Those can be transmitted by sneezing or close contact and coughing.

Nursing Intervention for Meningitis Infected Patient:

In the case of the acute stage, nursing intervention for the hospitalized patient is very important. Some important nursing interventions for meningitis infected patient are pointed out below:

  1. The patient should place in a well-ventilated room, free from excessive light and noise.
  2. The patient should be kept in a rail bed to prevent falling due to convulsion.
  3. Undo the tight clothing around the neck, chest, and wrist.
  4. The airway must be kept clear so that the patient can breathe easily.
  5. Oxygen inhalation should be given if necessary.
  6. Close monitoring of the patient because there is a risk for Injury related to convulsion, restlessness, and disorientation (due to meningeal irritation) should be relieved by sedative and brain relaxant medication like phenobarbitone, diazepam. (all medication should be given according to doctor advice).
  7. Intravenous fluids should be given to prevent dehydration, maintain nutrition, and to administer intravenous medication.
  8. Acute pain related to severe headache, fever, neck pain, muscle aches should be relieved by analgesics like paracetamol.
  9. Monitor vital signs carefully and keep a record.
  10. Obtain frequent temperature readings and record them.
  11. Ensure tepid sponging of the whole body to reduce the temperature.
  12. Maximize heat loss by minimizing the external covering of the patient’s body and ensuring adequate ventilation.
  13. Give antipyretic as per doctor’s order and check persons with no preexisting liver or kidney disease.
  14. Personal hygiene (including oral, eye, nose, ears, and skin) should be maintained.
  15. Encourage patients to drink plenty of water with electrolytes (approximately 2.5-3 liters per day).
  16. Maintain intake output chart during the acute phase for the hospitalized patient.
  17. Instruct the patient to assume a comfortable position while in bed or sitting in a chair and to avoid jerky movements.
  18. The reassurance of the patient and relatives about the disease, physical condition, and progress.

Discharge and Home Care Guidelines for Meningitis Infected Patient:

Some useful guidelines for meningitis infected patient have mentioned in the following:

  1. Activities: Alternate rest and activity to conserve energy.
  2. Diet: Consume safe, clean, and healthy foods.
  3. Asepsis: Promote simple infection control procedures at home.
  4. Personal hygiene: hand washing, daily take bath, oral hygiene, wear clean clothes.
  5. Follow up after 15 days of discharge from the hospital.
  6. If any problem arises then immediately report to the physician.

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Shahinur Begum
Asst. Editor of Nursing Exercise
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