Complication and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Definition of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD):

Sexually transmitted diseases are the diseases which are predominantly transmitted by/ through sexual (or intimate) contact from an infected partner. Sexually transmitted diseases may be defined as infections acquired during heterosexual or homosexual intercourse with an infected partner.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention
Fig: Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention

How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)?

Preventive Measures of Sexual transmitted disease (STD)/AIDS:

1. Health and sex education:

  • Motivation of sexual behavior (Avoidance of multiple sexual partners),
  • Use of condoms,
  • Avoidance of sharing of needles and syringes by intravenous drug users,
  • All mass media channels should be involved in educating the people on STDs, their nature, mode of transmission and prevention.

2. Prevention of blood borne STDs transmission:

  • Exclude the high risk donors from donating blood, body organs, sperms and other tissues.
  • All blood should be screened before transmission.
  • Strict sterilization practices should be ensured in hospitals and clinics.
  • Disposable syringes and needles should be used.

3. Control of prostitution:

  • For this programmed active support of social workers and law enforcing agencies is needed.
  • Rehabilitation of prostitutes.

4. Social welfare measures:

  • Provision of recreation facilities in the community.
  • Provision of decent living conditions.
  • Marriage counseling.
  • Prohibiting the sale of pornographic books and blue films.

5. Abiding by the law of religion.

Complication of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs):

SL No.




Gonococcal and Chlamydial infections



  • Stricture urethra
  • Blindness in infants
  • Disseminated gonococcal infection


Chlamydial infection

  •         Pneumonitis in infants


Acquired syphilis

  • Permanent brain damage
  • Permanent heart damage


Congenital syphilis

  • Stillbirth
  • Extensive organ and tissue damage


Human papilloma virus

  • Genital cancer
  • Obstructed labor

Common Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) in Bangladesh:

Most common sexually transmitted disease (STDs) in Bangladesh are-

  • Syphilis,
  • Gonorrhoea,
  • Chancroid (Soft sore),
  • Acute & chronic hepatitis,
  • Urethritis,
  • Vaginitis,
  • Cervicitis,
  • PID.

Other common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in Bangladesh are-

  • HIV infection & AIDS,
  • Genital human papillomavirus,
  • Chlamydia trachomatis infection,
  • Lymphogranuloma venereum,
  • Genital mycoplasma,
  • Granuloma inguinale,
  • Genital herpes,
  • Trichomoniasis,
  • Vulvovaginal pubis,
  • Pediculosis pubis,
  • Genital molluscum contagiosum,
  • Genital scabies.

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